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Coach Terry Cox- 521 Defense and Power Pistol/DW attack!!! 2013 Updates



 Coach Terry Cox

Every year Coach Cox doesn’t rest. He’s always looking at relies from youth-HS coaches seeing how he can improve on his defensive and offensive attack. He’s always looking for new wrinkles to keep coaches one step ahead of the coaches they face that season. Tonight Coach Cox will come on for his two part interview covering his offensive and defensive system. If you haven’t heard Coach Cox speak you need to tune in for a treat.

521 Defense

His 521 is a multiple front 353 system that has become a full blown system that can be used for any situation. This youth-HS system has turned many heads and Coach Cox has made some adjustments to keep the coaches who use his system a step ahead. Check out some of his new stunts and other auto calls that he has added to help with play calling and adjustments to his system.

Power Pistol/DW Attack

Everyone know that he’s a great DW coach. He learned over time that many people have caught up with the DW. He wanted to provide a change up that allow DW coaches to stay with their roots, but add some wrinkles that can keep your offense potent. He also added some spread concepts with a quick passing attack to come full circle. Now since the pistol is being used more he has made some updates from adjustments teams have made against his 1st version. Now he added some more packages and other wrinkles.

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